A  G  R  O  R  G  A  N  I  C



Homoeopathic biological fast converter for manure, dung, compost and bark.
BIPLANTOL® plus serves to accelerate the homogenisation of cattle and pig manure. Dung, compost and bark rots faster.


  • significant odour reduction of manure and in the shed
  • improved manure liquefaction and homogenisation by faster decomposition of solids
  • burns from the manure on plants or soil organisms (e.g. earthworms) are avoided
  • visible enhanced plant and root growth
  • up to 100% savings in use and sustainable

BIPLANTOL® plus treated manure improves fodder quality
reduced work and cleaning effort in the shed/stable when applied on a regular basis

Mode of functioning:
BIPLANTOL® plus is a pure biologic-biochemical activator agent in homoeopathic-dynamic form, whch is absolutely non-toxic. With this product the activation of microoganisms in the manure, dung, compost or bark which are involved in the enzymatic conversion process as biocatalysts, is achieved more quickly. Both aerobic and anaerobic bacterial strains are thereby stimulated to increase cell division which are crucial for homogenisation and nitrogen fixation. The nutrients are more readily available to plants through the advanced mineralisation while the nitrogen bonds are chemically bound via bacterial functions and thus largely protected from premature leaching from the soil.

Refined manure means added value:
The manure is alive, during storage almost no sinking and floating layers are created. The manure can be easily stirred. Liquid manure treated with BIPLANTOL plus is significantly more odorless & less harmful to plants. This means that it can also be applied to the growing stock. The treated manure delivers nutrients where they are needed to the upper soil layers where the crops are rooted.

Approved for organic farming.
In accordance with the EC Organic Regulation (EC) EU 834/2007 and 889/2008 and listed in the FiBL catalogue of organic farm inputs.
No side effects for humans, beneficial organisms and the ecosystem when approprietly applied according to the manufacturers instructions.
Bees, beneficial organisms and other insects are not affected.

LVVG Aulendorf
Experimental results of the former LVVG Aulendorf in 1996 have shown significantly improved flow of liquid manure and root growth compared to untreated plant thanks to the appliaction of 100 ml / m³  of Biplantol to manures.