Dim Boonstoppel, initiator and owner of AGRORGANIC

A sustainable, organic and circular approach to the agricultural production system is necessary and is the key to a responsible food production according to Dim. A system where the environment is unaffected and where the production of multi-year crops with a high nutritional value is given priority. With a background in agriculture and medicine, Dim continually searches for a balance between food production in relation to health and well-being. Here he takes the soil as the most important part of the circular system as a starting point. If there is a healthy balance between food production for direct human consumption and that for the production of animal feed, there will also be sufficient agricultural land available in the future. In the subsection "Organic" on this website you can read more about his position regarding the agricultural and horticultural sector. Dim works on behalf of AGRORGANIC mainly in international project management, sustainable, organic soil management, but also in contacts with governments. Connecting people and organizations through education also have his attention. Dim also sees AGRORGANIC as an organization where everyone with innovative ideas about agricultural production systems is welcome.

Hay Coenen, project manager and horticulture specialist

"Nothing is as sustainable as nature itself." This statement by Hay is part of his motto, in which all crops belong in their own eco system. Through study and observation, Hay still learns from the original, unaffected nature he often visits during his business trips, especially in Macedonia, Turkey and Greece. In these countries, Hay has decades of experience as a project manager / consultant and has built up a large network. His specialisms are small fruit and asparagus, and with Venlo as his home, Hay stays for a large part of the year in Southern Europe. This agricultural engineer works for larger horticulture production companies, and the intensive cooperation with AGRORGANIC mainly consists of developing and supervising sustainable horticultural projects.