A  G  R  O  R  G  A  N  I  C
O  R  G  A  N  I  C    A  G  R  I  C  U  L  T  U  R  E




AgrOrganic contributes to increasing public support for the design of solar parks through the integration of agriculture and horticulture. For the development of solar parks, good agricultural land is regularly used that threatens to be lost for food production. This logically provokes resistance., But we need water and land in addition to the use of roofs for solar energy production in order to be able to generate sufficient wind and solar energy in the future. Fortunately, the transition to forms of energy such as solar energy can also be combined with agriculture and horticulture if the infrastructure of the parks is adjusted. AgrOrganic implements this system for companies who want to combine the sustainable generation of energy with sustainable, organic agriculture. Because the soil on "solar parks" is under the supervision of AgrOrganic no longer loaded with artificial fertilizers and crop protection agents, a nice organic product can still be grown despite a reduction in the production area. The energy transition here goes hand in hand with the transition in agriculture where more room for biodiversity is required. Both annual, most leafy vegetables, and multi-year soft fruit are eligible for food production in combination with solar parks. 



Protein Campus Beers

Development of knowledge has a prominent place within this project, which is located on the "Land van Cuijk" Business Center. The Protein Campus Beers will act as an example for a necessary, new balance in the production of animal and vegetable proteins. Not to eliminate animal production, but to show a future-proof balance in protein production. The intended circular, self-sufficient experimental farm gives room to entrepreneurs who want to be part of an open innovation model, pushing the boundaries in the agricultural sector. You can come here as an R&D part of your company, but certainly also as an innovator with ambition. Office space, workshop and storage space, but also agricultural production land are available. The knowledge development component is the corps business at the Protein Campus, whereby active connections are sought between the participants within the project, but also with knowledge institutions outside of it. A representative space for education is available in the "heart" of the Protein Campus, and over time the Protein Campus will also provide suitable accommodation for tenants and their employees. AgrOrganic will be happy to provide you with information. Info: 06 200 433 65 or dim@agrorganic.eu