AGRORGANIC has a partnership with Hay Coenen for large-scale asparagus cultivation in greenhouses in Macedonia. There is increasing demand for white as well as green early asparagus for the European market. Macedonia is well suited for this purpose, particularly due to its mild climate and geographical location. In close cooperation with various parties such as plant growers, buyers, the embassy and the local government, a plan is currently being prepared for a start in the coming season 2019. 


AGRORGANIC wants to become active in the horticulture sector of Georgia in the long term. For this purpose contacts have now been made with entrepreneurs, governments and local authorities. The plans are still in the exploratory phase, but we would like to get in touch with entrepreneurs who want to think along with us about the implementation of such a project. There are opportunities in the area of organic authentic products such as blueberries, citrus fruits and lettuce varieties, with the focus on the domestic market and the market in the middle east. Info: